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About Us

Trowbridge Law Firm PC draws its namesake from Charles Christopher Trowbridge, a young entrepreneur from Albany, NY, who moved to Detroit in the early 19th century. As a bright individual, his life was full of accomplishments in business, politics, exploration, and Native American ethnography.

The office building in which our firm operates, The Trowbridge House, was once the private residence of Charles and Catherine Trowbridge. Built in 1826, it is the oldest documented building in the City of Detroit and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In its time, Trowbridge House was considered the finest frame house in the Michigan Territory. 

Charles Trowbridge lived here throughout his time as a Board of Regents member at the University of Michigan, president of the newly established Bank of Michigan, president of the Detroit Board of Public Charities, and when he was elected mayor of Detroit in 1833. Both he and Catherine lived here until Charles passed in 1883.

Trowbridge Law Firm draws much inspiration from Charles’ incredible life and the ways he served the city, providing legal counsel and representation to people in various areas that include landlord/tenant, estate planning, and business law.

Just as the Trowbridge House has withstood the test of time, our firm looks forward to growing with and serving the city of Detroit. Inspired by the excellence that once lived and worked here, we are dedicated to providing sound and responsive legal services with a proactive, solutions-based approach.